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Video Resources

Our goal is to provide you with resources, ideas, and tips on growing hemp.

We know there are many challenges along the road and we are here to offer up ideas and possible solutions to help address those challenges.  Please reach out to us with any questions, ideas on what you want us to answer and feature on our next video. We love creating videos that help you succeed.

In this video, Jason and Gian describe how to clip a good clone.

  1. As always, start with a healthy mother plant that has been recently watered

2. Get clones out of the heat and into water as soon as possible to avoid wilting and embolisms

3. Take clones with ample node sites and length to ensure a healthy clone that roots quickly.

Today Jason is back in the greenhouse to walk us through the process of clone acclimation.

First, the clones are rooted under domes in low light. After that, you want to slowly acclimate them to full light. So from the rooting rooms, they head out into the shade cloth portion of our greenhouse. The PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) under the shade cloth is around 400PAR and it stays there for about 1-2 days at the most.

From there, they are moved into the unshaded portion of the green which is about 800-1000 PAR and up to 1200 PAR, when the sun is straight overhead. Finally, the clones are brought outside where it will be about 2.000 PA.

After that, they are fully acclimated and ready to be shipped in refrigerated trucks and into the fields. 

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a Hemp Cloning facility? Then join us as Gian and Zach give us a virtual tour inside the RuBi and Elution cloning facility. 

In this video, Gian discusses some of the issues we have seen from the highly variable and unstable genetics found in CBG seed batches. Issues we have seen have included: Auto-flowering, high THC and high CBD. So farmers if your planting CBG seeds this season please be very cautious and aware of these issues.

Earlier in the 2019 season the Elution crew sat down for a cloning and video session. In this video, they talk about a variety of topics surrounding cloning including: what is fair clone pricing, quality cloning operations, proper cloning protocols for high CBD variety clones, benefits of clones vs. Seed, stable genetics, genetic variability, and issues that may arise when growing the same genetics year after year. So sit back and enjoy this tech talk with Elution.

In this video Jason talks about Epigenetics and how it can benefit hemp farmers. What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is the premise that a single organism is going to pass on whatever environmental adaptations that it has accumulated from its environment throughout the year. So by taking clones from these plants that means that they will be even better adapted to that particular field from the beginning for the following season. The clones won’t have that initial difficulty during its establishment.

We are curious to see if any of you took any clones from your field this year? Or do you plan to in the future?

In this clip, Jason goes over some simple steps that can help prevent diseases from claiming your clones.

  1. Start with Healthy Mother plant, with good water content

2. Moderate temperatures. Keep fungal infestation to a minimum by keeping temperatures below 75 degrees

3. Use cinnamon as an anti-fungal agent

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