Hemp Clones


From the first mother plant to every clone, we keep our plants healthy and disease free. To insure this we disease index our mother plants.

Why choose our clones?


We have worked extremely hard to vet our cultivars and choose the very best performing phenotypes utilizing data from in-house Gas Chromatography analyses.

Testing Services

Our in house Gas Chromatography instrument insures we know the cannabinoid content in all our varieties from first roots on a clone to flower initiation and finally at harvest. We also offer our testing services to our customers for free so they can track the progress of their crop and harvest at the ideal time.


 Farming is expensive, and that’s something we understand well. We do our absolute best to provide our customers with high quality clones at low prices. The quality of our plants will also insure you get a great yield from each and every plant.

Our Cloning Process

At Elution, tissue culture production of our mother stock ensures a pest and disease free start. From there, our mothers are planted into 15 cell trays. Many smaller mothers as opposed to few large mothers means we get maximum cuttings per square foot.
Cuttings are rooted onsite with minimal time from first cut to placement in rooting media. These cuttings spend roughly 10 days under domes until they are rooted. All of our clones are then brought into the greenhouse under shade cloth, and gradually acclimated to outdoor conditions. These fully acclimated, ready to plant in the field, clones are then loaded onto a refrigerated truck and shipped anywhere in the US.

Need clones for next season?


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