Our Team

We have technical expertise well suited to a scientific approach to the Hemp and CBD industry. As a group of entrepreneurs, our biggest asset is the collection of our diverse experiences, a necessity in overcoming the unforeseen obstacles in any business.

Founder | CEO

Jason’s life experiences have given him deep respect and understanding of plants and life in general. While earning a Botany PhD from Colorado State University he gained the knowledge to apply his experiences. Jason’s most relevant PhD experience comes from designing novel experiments, that often don’t work the first time and the perseverance and problem solving necessary to come to fruitful outcomes.


Founder | COO

Gian’s bachelor’s in horticulture allowed him to delve into the practicalities and requirements of running an agri-business. Furthermore, his education has allowed him to complete several projects involving cannabis leading to the development of a large knowledge base on the subject.


Marketing and Design

Lisa has a keen eye for details in design and aesthetics in general. This translates not only to an ability to design appealing products and websites but this eye for detail gives her insight into what customers need.


Operations Lead

Gavin’s experience earning a Masters in botany was centered around understanding Hemp’s physiology when used for phytoremediation and biofortification applications. From this Gavin has gained great familiarity with growing and processing hemp and his research has caught attention from companies such as New Belgium Brewery, Patagonia, and has been featured in Rolling Stone.


General Manager

Lucas joined Elution at the beginning of our 2020 cloning season.  He has a varied background ranging from corporate customer service to the more hands on trades field, including wind turbine production.  He brings this versatility to Elution and has helped develop our HR and Customer Service standards, as well as hands on work in our greenhouses, facility organization, and equipment management.  Since joining us he has been steadily cultivating his passion and knowledge for the hemp industry which he loves to share with our customers!


Marketing | Social Media | Video

Nathalie has a background in Digital Media as a web/graphic designer, social media strategist, video production and facilitator/educator. She has worked for numerous non-profits, visual arts centers, STEM Programs, distributors and with many bicycle brands. She grew up helping at her grandfather’s nurseries in Venezuela and currently lives in Cochiti Pueblo where she helps grow organic traditional corn. She’s also an avid mountain biker!