Elution and RuBi Join Forces!

Zack of RuBi Hemp Solutions and Jason from Elution were graduate students together at CSU, and they are back together to give you the highest quality clones for your 2020 hemp season.


CBD/THC Ratio: 25-30:1

Days to Maturity: 40- 50 days from first flower

Growth Habit: Sativa leaning. Bushy plant with multiple tall lateral branches packed with fluffy resinous buds.

The Wife was chosen as one of our varieties best suited for more hot and humid climates due to its fluffy buds reducing the chance of mold during harvest and drying. Don’t be fooled, The Wife has proven to be one of our highest yielding varieties due to its height and flower production all throughout the canopy. Tested in a wide variety of locations with stellar results, including California, Illinois, Colorado, and North Carolina.


CBD/THC Ratio: 35-40:1

Days to Maturity: 40- 50 days from first flower

Growth Habit: Indica leaning. Stout, bushy plants with dense colas and high trichome production.

Our Mandarin Pie selection was chosen for its increased trichome production, dense bud structure, and deliciously citrus and fruity terpene profile. Boasting one of the highest CBD / THC ratios of our varieties, Mandarin Pie can be grown to 12% CBD at 0.3% total THC compliance levels.



We do have other varieties available. Please inquire to learn more.


CBG/THC Ratio: 75-100:1

Days to Maturity: 50- 70 days from first flower

Growth Habit: Indica leaning. Resin-filled buds with high trichome production.

H5 produces high CBG, with little to no production of CBD or THC. An excellent low risk choice, it can be grown to full maturity (7-10 weeks) and still fall well below the 0.3% THC limit. Ideal for smokable flower production and high-CBG biomass. A high-yielding full-term variety packed with flavor.

Our primary aim is to provide outstanding hemp clones. This starts with our ideals of integrity in our personal lives and cultivating them through efficient and transparent business practices.

We will provide the hemp community and our customers a professional, scientifically sound, and ethical resource.


From Cloning to Farming we are here to help.

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